Motorcycle Man

“Motorcycle Man” is a short documentary about a man who has pursued a single passion in life: motorcycle racing. Dave Roper has raced every year since 1972, competing on exotic vintage bikes at racetracks around the world and winning a reputation as a folk hero of the sport. “Motorcycle Man” celebrates the speed, sweat and thrill of motorcycle racing, while offering a meditation on craft, obsession and what it takes to pursue your dreams. “Motorcycle Man” won Best Short Film at the 2019 Newburyport Documentary Film Festival and is currently screening at film festivals and special events in the United States and internationally.

Through the place

“Through the Place” is a feature-length documentary about efforts to save historic buildings in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and across the United States over the past 50 years. Commissioned by the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation, the film features interviews with preservationists, leaders of civic and cultural organizations, architects, urban and social critics, and Pulitzer Prize-winning author David McCullough. “Through the Place” was screened in several cities and won the Best Architecture Film award at the 2016 New Urbanism Film Festival in Los Angeles and the Festival Director's Award at the 2016 Queen City Film Festival in Cumberland, Maryland. Stream or download the film here. Order a copy on DVD or Blu-Ray here

"... a sweeping, beautiful and inspiring story of community engagement and resilience."

New Urbanism Film Festival

Typewriter Man

“Typewriter Man” is a short documentary about a typewriter repairman who's thriving in the digital age.